Ancient monasteries, mesmerizing mask dances, age-long local festivals, spiritual landscape dotted with colorful prayer flags and many more makes Bhutan an ideal country for an attractive cultural experience. The Dzongs (fortress) are unique in its architecture. People in Bhutan still follow the centuries old traditions, from wearing the national dress to farming using simple wooden tools. Though modernization is catching up in Bhutan, much of the country is still in their relaxed, slow paced atmosphere. Time doesn’t hold much importance here. Almost everything is done according to the old traditions. Fields are ploughed using bullocks and wooden plough. Power tiller is a luxury.

The attractions like the famous Taktsang (tigers nest) monastery, built on the face of a cliff, is sight to behold. The place is enshrined in mystery and spirituality. Festivals are a must see living cultural relics. You will not only get to enjoy the festival but also see the locals in their best of woven clothes.

The influence of Buddhism on culture and everyday life is clearly seen. Every village has its own community lhakhang (monastery) and every house has its own private chapel. Besides the pervasive prayer flags, the rugged landscape is dotted with over 10,000 stupas and 2,000 monasteries, indicating the country’s spiritual depth.

With all the above details makes your Bhutan Cultural Tours more meaningful and enjoyable.

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