Bhutan Tourism Regulation

Tourism has not been that much widespread in Bhutan as we look after preserving and nurturing our culture and traditions. Bhutanese are immensely religious people, and therefore it would be a good idea to respect and understand the local customs and way of life, especially while visiting those places of religious significance.

Tourism Industry in Bhutan is founded with the principle of sustainability in mind, which means that tourism must be environmentally and ecologically friendly, socially and culturally acceptable, and also economically feasible.
All travelers except Indian residents require visa for traveling to Bhutan. In order to process Bhutan visa we require clear readable colour copy of passport (page containing passport no and face picture in JPEG or PDF format) at least 20 days prior to date of entry into Bhutan. Remaining validity of passport should be at least 6 months from the date of exit from Bhutan. Tourism Council of Bhutan issues visa clearance letter closer to traveling date which we email or fax you or your local travel agent. Travelers are required to produce aforesaid visa clearance copy at the time of check-in for Druk Air flight while those entering Bhutan by surface via Phuentsholing or Samdrup Jonkhar, they are required to produce this Clearance letter at the Immigration counter. Actual visa is stamped at passport on arrival in Bhutan.

Visa only service is not offered in Bhutan, guests have to buy full service tour package from local tour operator that includes accommodation, guided tours, transfers etc.

Visa fee of US$ 40 (increased from Jan 2013) is included in the tour package cost.

* Guests are required to have multiple entry visa for India if they are traveling to Bhutan from India and again returning to India from Bhutan.


The most convenient way of entering Bhutan is by Druk Air and Tashi Airline, the country’s national (and so far only) carrier. As flights can be delayed due to weather conditions (particularly during the summer months), it is advisable to allow 24 hours before any onward connection.

Druk Air and Tashi Airlines is the only airlines flying to Bhutan.

Flight Frequency And Air Fares

Our national airline flies several times a week between most of its destinations, but flight timings and frequency vary according to season. Druk Air’s website and  includes details of current flight schedules and airfares (airfare cancellation policy). Please check the website or contact Tiny Paradise  Tours & Trek for the latest information when planning your travel arrangements. Please let us know if you would like the current flight schedule.

The magnificent mountain landscape en route is seen at its best in the winter months, when skies are generally very clear. While flying via Kathmandu to Paro you experience the most impressive view of the Himalayan Mountain Ranges, including the Everest region. Mountain Kanchenjunga is visible for some time on all routes when the weather is clear. Flying to and from Bhutan is a lifetime experience to be cherished.


Visitors have to complete a passenger declaration form which will be checked by custom officials at the exit point.
After collecting your baggage, you must decide which channel to take – Green Channel(nothing to declare) or the Red Channel(goods to declare).

As per international risk management practice, random checks on your baggage may be conducted by the Customs official, even if you are proceeding through the Green Channel.

The following articles are exempt from duty:

  1. The visitor shall be allowed to import temporarily free of Customs duty his/her personal effects and articles required for the visit, provided that items imported are for personal use and that the items will be re-exported on their leaving Bhutan.
  2. 1 bottle of Spirits not larger than one liter.
  3. 1 carton of Cigarettes (containing 200 pieces) subject to 100 percent customs duty and 100 percent sales tax
  4. Device, equipment or appliances for professional utilization
  5. Photographic equipment, video cameras and other electronic gadget for personal use .
  6. The articles mentioned under (d) & (e) must be declared on the declaration form. If these items are disposed of in Bhutan by sale or gift, they are liable for customs duty. Visitors are required to surrender their forms to the Customs authorities while departing.

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